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BMN: Halloween Edition!

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BMN: Halloween Edition!

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MST - black and white means art!
There was a Bad Movie Night on Saturday. It being the weekend before Halloween, our host demanded costumes under threat of revisiting us with one from last time, Nukie, the avoidance of which would frankly move me, if needed, to much greater lengths than just dressing up. It is a film too far.

I'd spent a couple of weeks working on my costume and was super happy with it when I finished it on Friday. I was quite gleeful when showing it off for the first time to Fella. Especially great was the fact that it gave me an excuse to wear the Brown Dress of Wonderfulness. I was most pleased.

While showing off mine after arriving at BMN and setting up the food, I also got to see the others' costumes - I had already seen that Fella looked very good and punny as Neoplastic Man, but theatre_nerd made a very adorable bunny girl and pigfuckinghat was a credible and ruddy Bacchus. brontewhore was a "domestic" in this fashion (and some very impressive sewing), mattamir was "The Master" from Dr. Who, a costume for which I have no frame of reference but was assured was eerily accurate, and glittergodzilla was something I recognized but could not put a finger on, but he removed it very quickly (the robotic headpiece appeared to be made out of 2x4s and to be pretty heavy) and I forgot to ask for context, so hey, it was cool and stuff and I can't put a finger on exactly what it was.

Going back to food for a moment, the hummus batch I made for this evening turned out exceptionally well, which is always a plus. At the end of the evening it was pretty much gone, and it wasn't really due to me in large part. I was happy with that as well.

The only non-happy aspect of the evening came clear at about this point - the absence of scuppa, who had a last minute issue at home. These things do happen and we all understand, of course, but you were missed, sweets!

The first flick was, um, I'll have to look it up, but it is the third of that series of videogame-based flicks starring Milla Jojoba (yes, I know that's wrong, hush now) - Resident Evil? Whatever it was called, it was one of those big-budget-but-having-an-identity-crisis kind of movies; I think the script may actually have had MPD. There are people who choose to live with that condition and get on just fine, or so I hear, but for storylines, it's tragically an almost universally terminal illness. Only genius can save a flick once it's at that point, and that's fairly thin on the ground, unfortunately. The surprise ending was only a surprise for people who were expecting it to not suck.

Movie # 2 was, hm, The Green Slime, I think. This was one of those that straddles the dividing line between "classic sci-fi flick" and "sci-fi that has aged poorly and has traded in its cred for camp value." I often feel conflicted about these - on the one hand, it does feel a little disloyal to pick on Golden Age genre stuff, even the B movies, because the state of the art for effects and acting and the genre itself has changed so much in the last 60 years that it's not really fair, but on the other, it's so damned fun. I resolve it by judging on the basis of storytelling technique and then going from there, ignoring the rhetorical criticism/period concerns in favor of humor, which wins out over sacred cows any time. It was easier in this case than most, considering that the eponymous slime was massively upstaged by its giant-eyed, electric Funnoodle-armed offspring. The named monster of a monster movie, I feel, should not be the equivalent of a placenta to the actual focal monster. I should note also that I was just now trying to remember what movie was showed before this one, but then realized that I was actually thinking of the earlier part of the same movie, which was simply very different-feeling: not a good sign when it comes to story cohesiveness.

At some point in there the exhaustion I've been carrying for a couple of weeks now started creeping in on me, back from the previous evening due no doubt to early rising, long day of unusual tasks and a truncated nap that may have done more harm than good; nothing that could not be weathered, but not really conducive to following plot, especially when it is fractured plot to begin with. I was missing a bit more than usual at these evenings, and glittergodzilla noticed and gave me a Cherry Coke Zero, which I hadn't tried before and which had a much better flavor than does Diet Coke. It perked me up quite a bit, enough that by the end of the movie I was up to demanding to be the driver on a caffeine and booze run. I'm glad I did - I got to see that the bunny girl had a tiny pink nose painted on that wasn't visible in the dimness of the apartment, and got to be there when a group of dudes hanging in the liquor store at Russ' invited themselves over. They were hypnotized by bunniness (I had not worn the obvious part of my costume, and not nearly as hot as she (she looked fantastic) so I was not bugged) and I think that their failure to comprehend that it was the weekend before Halloween and people are going to be in costumes shows a lack of either adaptability or awareness that probably is a gap in their survival characteristic armament, so too bad for them. Somehow their part of the caravan back to the party got misplaced - shucks!

This is where I cease to be a reliable reporter regarding the movies, as I had one of the Smirnoff raspberry dealies that we'd picked up on our run. My "zero tolerance policy" for alcohol hooked up with the exhaustion that had been put merely into temporary abeyance by caffeine, not defeated. I spent the rest of the evening in an extremely pleasant but not very coherent state, flopped about 35% on brontewhore and the rest on glittergodzilla - simultaneously, not serially, as I was on the floor in front of them on the couch. It's been a while since anyone has let me flop on them for head skritchies and other bits of human contact, and I seem to have really needed it, because the next day I felt a lot better than I had in a while, so thanks for that and I hope I didn't obstruct any necessary trips or anything. :)

As far as the other two movies go, in the third there was some sort of slimy red ET lookin' thing that killed Andrea Martin, who had already been having a rough time since clearly someone had stolen her comb, and there was something about sandwiches, and the fourth was talky Italian porn with extensive dream sequences or something and I have no idea what happened during it, aside from lots of sexin', because it was subtitled and I read maybe a quarter of the part I saw at all before it was too hard to hold my head up or keep my eyes open, plus I'm pretty sure that by the time Fella was ready to go in the middle of the movie I was in a solid sleep draped over a knee. Not really fair to rate either of these based on my confusion level, though I am morally certain that they did in fact suck.

So, Fella drove us home, since semi-conscious was the best I was going to muster, and dropped me off and I went to bed pretty much posthaste.

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