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whur'd they go?

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whur'd they go?

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I feel kind of nauseated. It's from my meds, it'll pass shortly. Until then, though, my concentration is suffering and so, to distract myself, an amusing anecdote.

My main keys went missing last weekend. I wasn't worried, I knew they couldn't be far since I'd not locked myself out, but they stubbornly refused to turn up. After a week of using the spares, I found them Monday - locked inside the trunk of my car. I'd done it while unloading a heavy load into an already unlocked apartment. I KNEW they couldn't have gone far - but they had admittedly gone slightly farther than my apartment-wide searches had allowed for.

I felt no real stress over their absence, and their return left Fella with a lingering smile, so I consider it a job well done. It doesn't top the time I looked down and found my missing watch inside my bra, but really, few things could.
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