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do not sarcastically underline text at me

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do not sarcastically underline text at me

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Oh, coworker.

Yes, I made a mistake. I didn't realize what your actual question was - it was moot, and I answered the question you needed to ask to get what you wanted, but there was no way you could know that only the statewide tab in the spreadsheet is current - I figured it out from working with it, and you haven't had time yet. Expecting you to intuit the counterintuitive was an error on my part.

That being said, in responding to me, "Thank you for the info on freeze panes. I am familiar with that option in excel, however, there is not a heading in the columns that I am referencing in the regional breakdown pages to freeze or unfreeze so I do not quite understand how this option would be beneficial," your haughty who's-the-ignorant-one-here attitude is somewhat undercut by the answer: select row; hit Ctrl-C; choose command "Insert copied cells," ...and that's the highfalutin' method.

Accordingly, I've just downgraded my assessment of your Excel skills to "a notch or so above the gal who got excited a couple months ago when she successfully colored a cell yellow." Based on your grammar and your tone in this email, your scores on "Pleasure to work with" and "Brighter than a tractor" have also taken hits.

Do you quite understand that?
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