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weekend at... It's really more than a glance, but maybe "quick perusal" would do

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weekend at... It's really more than a glance, but maybe "quick perusal" would do

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Up ridiculously late reading a book? Not me!

Friday night I am sure I did some things, but the only thing I recall for sure is a trip to the fabric store for a costume bit.

Saturday I had a very nice day, in spite of my poor planning that led to some frustration on Fella's part. In the morning, I picked up a package at the postal annex and washed some dishes, then in the afternoon I picked nick_number up for an outing. We went to the outlet mall in Gretna but didn't successfully purchase what we needed (not my fault), went to the vineyard but didn't successfully attend the ren faire (partially my fault, the bad timing was mine but it wasn't helped by the Google Maps instructions calling for us to turn onto a road that didn't actually intersect with the one we were on), DID successfully meet up with someone I know from OkCupid and had Chinese food in a place called, hmm, King Jong's, I think. I was mellow feeling during the whole expedition - at dinner I had serious thoughts about the idea of a nap, impractical but appealing. The western end of Iowa looks a whole helluva lot like north central Illinois, and I guess it made me reminiscent of my own personal history, because I spent a fair bit of time talking about my childhood and my family. In the car, I sang (amid the general lifting of voice) my maternal grandpa's two favorite songs, "Streets of Laredo" and "The Gambler." I felt good; honestly, I think I just needed an outing and anything would have done as long as I had good company.

Though I had productive designs on today, I ultimately succeeded at procrastinating a lot: I watched Angel (I would skip season 4 except that it would mean missing Dark Wesley); I read my book, I finished the second-to-last step of my costume, I contemplated napping but didn't actually do it. The back room is a sight and I didn't actually do any of the cooking I ought to have today, and I STILL haven't found my keys, but at least I have decluttered the living room and cleaned up the kitchen. Of course the kitchen already needs cleaning again, but hey, whatcha gonna do?*

In my one societally useful break, I was Fella's helper on one leg of his monthly cruise of his adopt-a-road area - I carried the receptacle bag (which might sound like just an excuse to hang out but was a non-trivial task on this amazingly windy day - keeping the trash from blowing away required logistical planning and effort - minor, but far more than previously required). I feel really good about picking up litter; I am proud that he chooses to do it and pleased that he lets me help. He walked over to my nearest intersection, and after we'd walked to HIS nearest intersection and we parted, I picked up a final handful on the way back to my place, of things we missed going the other way. Doing that and seeing that it has an effect helps me maintain my equilibrium as well as get some exercise.

Mom and Bob are coming out for the weekend, so I need to keep the place clean through the week and also pack enough boxes to fill the Tahoe for their return trip, AND get to the bulk cooking that I didn't manage today so i can eat this week.

Ah, finally starting to feel sleepy. Night!

* Answer: you're gonna clean it again, sucker.
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