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startlement all 'round, then

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startlement all 'round, then

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As I was walking up the steps to my apartment building, I startled a bird that was... well, actually I don't know what it was doing, as I didn't see it until it was already freaking out. It flew up about 8 inches and then bonked into glass door frame window TWICE before getting its bearings and escaping the terror of me.

I found this somewhat disconcerting - it happened so fast I didn't even figure out what was happening until the second bonk.

It sounds so banal as I write about it, but it felt really unusual to me while it was happening. Maybe it's because I just haven't captured the fluttering fear of a flying animal.

Why am I THAT scary, anyhow? I can't imagine I smell all that carnivorous. I've been eating a lot of vegetable matter in the last six months.
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