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please don't call me that

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please don't call me that

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It might be racist*, and it's definitely classist, but I don't even know how to respond to an OkCupid email from an urban black man nine years younger than me that begins thusly:

"Hello Shorty.

"How are you today, just drop by to say hi and you are so cute and i really adore that, can we get along, i really want to get to know you well
"Taye cares"

The confluence of overly familiar and culturally foreign leave a pretty narrow margin for this guy to squeeze through, and the poor syntax isn't exactly greasing his way. *sigh*

* The term is currently in such overuse as to be devalued, and I feel that it's hard to find a decent discourse on legitimate racism in the midst this boy-who-cried-wolf overload.
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