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in lighter news

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in lighter news

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Under threat of Nukie (if ever a movie was a better weapon, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT EVER PLEASE), I needed to come up with a costume to wear next weekend. I thought about it on Sunday night, and looked through scads of costumes online that I would not have time to return or replace if they didn't work. Even the ones I liked were mildly disappointing because they are not original ideas of mine.

I was considering a trip to the Spirit Store to steal ideas or else just buy something, but then I thought of one that I could construct, that would definitely work, that fills me with silly glee. I've talked about it with long distance friends, but I don't want to say more here because I want it to be a surprise when I unveil it in person. Even Fella is in the dark.

Yesterday I had the day off from work, so.I went to the craft store in the afternoon, as well as to a clothing store and shoe store (too much shopping, but at least they were all in a row). For the bulk of the evening, I gave myself over to craftiness related to my supa secret Halloween costume. Although I've ordered some things online to fully accessorize, after the work I did last night, the basic concept is whole - I could wear it today if the need arose. Doing it felt so good, though, that I may just have to do some embellishments to add detail in the next week or so. I am taking photos as I go and will get some once it's done as well, to post after the fact.

Maybe after I bust my con cherry, I should consider cosplay as a hobby. Of course it would mean relearning to sew, but that's been on my sometime list for a while now. Now that I've got guitar off there and been plunking out chords, it's time to pick the new "next" anyway and sewing's as good as anything and better than some.

Man, using my phone this way is an amazingly effective time-eater. Bye-bye, lunch!
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