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My last day of work is the 29th... BUT my boss just asked if I would stay on if he could get approval to keep me.

Now, I'm not changing my plans to leave. However, those "plans" are not the most concrete I've ever had, in that my itinerary is currently less mapped out than a day trip to the nearest big city would be. I still have no dates established for anything, so there's a lot I could do within so loose a framework while still adhering to them.

One of the deciding factors in my going was that the rules of working as a temp for the state would have forced me to change departments next month (to prevent me from acquiring grounds for a lawsuit for not being hired permanently) and I didn't want to stay if I couldn't work with the same people. If my boss can see to it that I can stay, that will be the third substantial change in the circumstances that led me to decide to return to the Chicago area, post-decision. I say that only to point out how much change there's been - only a fraction of the 20 or so considerations that led me there have altered, not enough to make me stay - but I can say I'm not loving the crazy amount of flux in my life at present.

The point of all this is that if he CAN get me an extension, well... I would not mind eliminating the part of the plan that involves me being unemployed and staying in my brother's spare room while I look for work and slowly hemorrhage money and my cats are somewhere as yet extremely up in the air. Having switched to month to month, I can leave my apartment any time now, and if I could alter my job so that it was the same, so I could stay on with the people and work I like but with the new assumption that I would take any days I needed for job hunting and travel but still have enough money coming in to stay afloat until I get set up... I kind of think that'd be perfect.

Man, my brain hurts.
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