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body argh

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body argh

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Dear body,

I know there is a ton going on with you right now. I can't blame you for breaking out or making me feel sick to your stomach. I'm the one who put the drug into us, and dealing with the side effects is my reward.

I can even accept that longstanding functions might work a bit differently with unfamiliar chemicals inside us, and I can live with stuff like the unpinpointable feeling of "weird" this morning. There are no guarantees that any of this will be easy, and I think we're doing very well so far.

There are some things I am gonna take issue with, though - mostly issues of timing. When I'm waiting for you to do something and you have decided not to do it when you said you would, I'm not going to appreciate it if the new timetable comes without warning. On a related note, I could also do with less of the "girl who cried wolf" BS. Oh, and if we HAVE to have sudden cloudbursts, I'd really prefer to do my crying-for-no-earthly-reason at home alone rather than during morning carpool WHILE I'm in the middle of explaining something. It makes it really difficult to be cool; the Fonz would not approve.

I swear, sometimes you are such a chick.


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