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played it 'til my fingers were slightly ouchie

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played it 'til my fingers were slightly ouchie

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Posting a lot today, and yet there is still so much more, even after this - this is deficit posting*.

This afternoon I got out my guitar (pictured above, though I will probably replace that image eventually with a photo I take myself, if I can get a decent one) to show it off to my fellow purple-lover scuppa, and then it was in the living room, seein' as how I'd brought it into the living room.

So, when I'd bought it, I'd tuned it and then temporarily put it up on the shelf to keep the cats off it - and then I entered into a weeks-long funk and didn't touch it at all. Today, since it is down again and I seem to be funk-free for the moment, I retuned it - the strings had loosened just a bit, I don't know if that's good, bad or indifferent for guitars to do after a month of disuse - and then I went to a "show me chords" website and played three of 'em.

The strings made indentations in my soft girlish fingertips almost the moment I pressed them. That destabilizes my machismo. I am torn about whether building up some calluses there will be a good or a bad thing. Perhaps it should just always sting - that way I could suffer for my art, should I actually create some.

* I'm sleepy enough to be planning to sack out early after I post this, and I don't have enough mental energy to push past that to figure out whether this expression I've just made up is actually logical. I'll figure it out tomorrow - if I remember.
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