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the text below the webcomic needs a better name than "rant"

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the text below the webcomic needs a better name than "rant"

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Finishing up the apartment cleaning. Since, unlike at least one of my neighbors, I am not a dick, I am waiting until 10 to vacuum. Aren't I nice?

Meanwhile, I'm reading webcomics in between cleaning bouts. Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue drew a strip projecting Sean Connery's reaction to the new Bond theme. It reads a lot like an after-hours version of Darrell Hammond's Connery on the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches. He explains the reasoning behind the strip, and I find I only internet-believe it: sure, that might be why it happened, but I would be unsurprised to learn that it could have been caused by head trauma. Or DRUGS. Yeah.

Anyway, though this particular strip didn't really grab me, it was worthwhile because of what he then wrote in his rant below:

As for the song itself, I like it. It sounds like The White Stripes (imagine that) with better drumming and Alicia Keys on guest vocals. I always enjoy what Jack White tries to pass off as a guitar solo. It’s like he gets a fork tangled in his strings before he plugs in his amp, and the solo is the sound of his efforts to remove the extraneous cutlery.

I do love me some White Stripes, but I have to admit that this is not entirely inaccurate. And, of course, hilarious.
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