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What with the nap of longness last night, I got ten hours of sleep yesterday. I feel rested. :)

I had cleaned the apartment pretty thoroughly before my last trip out of state, and even though I haven't really done maintenance cleaning all week and it was messy enough for Nona to bitch - that has to be her issue, downswings in clutter and litterbox cleanliness are the only things I can think of that reliably change in time with her upswings in unhappiness, unless she's moaning about things I can't hear or smell or see, like an increase in dust mote activity or thetans or something - I guess I didn't mess it up that badly, because even with the three-rather-than-six hour evening, I managed to get it mostly cleaned back up. This is a good thing!

I have plans to do things today! I like that. I should make a list - and so I shall!
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