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I'm working SOOOOOO hard!

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I'm working SOOOOOO hard!

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What do you do when you're at work, but you don't want to work - but malingering doesn't feel right?

Well, if you're me, you find yourself a project to start based, not on urgency, but on how much fun it is. It's still technically work, it does need doing, but it's probably not a task your boss would consider a priority.

As it happens, I AM me, and that is why I was putting old photos in albums for most of today. They have been accumulating in a box for ages, and it does need to be done, but the person whose project it ostensibly is currently has three hats and does not have time (or probably the inclination). Of course, I don't know the people in the pics the way she does, since I haven't worked with them for two decades, but the step of laying the photos out so they can be easily accessed and labelled with names? I'm all over that.

Most of the photos are still in their development sleeves from the pharmacy or wherever; I'm taking them out, putting them in order (if they are the kind that print with it on the back or it is obvious from the pictures), putting them in the magnetic/static album pages, and then logging whatever information I can find about the photos on a sheet I made up for the project: a serial number, the the source of the photos (i.e., "loose photos" or "in envelope labelled CISD"), event, the location, the year, whether there are negatives and whether they need to be gone through to have the people identified. I'm also tagging the beginning of each section of album pages with the serial number so they can be matched back to their info logs and to their development sleeves with negatives, which are also tagged. If I get far enough in the project, I will create a spreadsheet with all the information notated on the forms - because that is just how I operate.

A lot of these are actually pretty boring - photo records of conferences pretty much consist of people dressed in their snazzy best, standing behind podiums or holding their new awards for the camera. Sometimes there are overhead projectors, sometimes fancy dinner settings - it's kind of like a huge family reunion where no one looks alike.

Some sequences are pretty cool, though - like the progressive shots of the disaster/accident drills, or the many detailed shots of a huge makeup session simulating injuries for EMS drills. And of course, there are the portraits of Medi-Tedi, the mascot for the Emergency Medical Services for Children program. Very glam!

These kinds of projects often make me watch over my shoulder even while they are largely sanity aids, because although they are legitimate work, they are usually not the top priority, and not what a superior would have had me do if I'd gone looking for a task. My current supervisor eventually got annoyed with me over the playing work I was doing in the Access database, because even though I made improvements, when I was editing it meant she was locked out and could not save any changes to queries, and what I was doing was not a priority for her over her own work *chuckle* - plus, I was a little too excited about whatever glitch I was next proposing to fix - but this time it was her idea, which means I have a mandate, which is QUADRUPLE AWESOME.
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