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last minute mention of travel plans

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last minute mention of travel plans

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So, ok, I have a Chicago trip planned for this week, Tuesday through Saturday. It's mostly for purposes of job hunting there - I've decided to move back to the Chicago area, but I have to set up those pesky food-on-the-table and place-to-keep-the-table-with-all-the-food-on-it type of arrangements, and it's a bitch to do all the legwork when my legs are 500 miles away. The timing will also let me be there for nekouken's birthday on Friday, so that's pretty cool. It's also working out to be the first time I'll meet person-of-interest J in person - so I have not really arranged any visiting time with anybody in Illinois, since, if all goes according to plan, I'll be residing there soon enough.

However, if you just gotsta see me, lemme know and we'll see what we can do, ok, pumpkin?
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