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Nona report

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Nona report

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Nona's been very demanding this weekend - woken me up both days, wanting lots and lots of attention. Not that I mind giving it to her, but usually she has this "Love me/Ack, stop menacing me!" dichotomy going, where she obviously wants attention but then does not understand that my whole body has to come at her in order for my hand to reach her. She's cast off most the skittishness in favor of petting. It'd be a welcome change if I thought it was permanent.

Her behaviour on Friday was mildly worrying - from her actions, she was preparing for yet another bout of trouble at some point along her digestive tract. It seems to have resolved itself, though - she didn't repeat the distress signs all Saturday - that I saw, and I was watching for them - and she continues to eat, as I saw her yesterday and again just now. I watch her for weird actions all the time, because she is so high-strung that she has worked herself up into sickness more than once. This one appears to have passed, though the attention-seeking behaviour change is unusual enough I will keep watching for the rest of today at least and probably tomorrow.

Buddha maintains his affable high spirits. I could end EVERY cat post with that sentence, as it seems to remain true for... well, ever since February so far, and counting.
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