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Is there room in your heart for a tiny bundle of evil?

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Is there room in your heart for a tiny bundle of evil?

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My craft urge has been on vacation for several years. It has sent some postcards, but it came home last week, with lots of souvenirs. For example, I devised a granny square, which I had never actually done before - I just used others' patterns. It's cool, and I'm making an as-yet indeterminate project with it. That's not what this post is about, though.

For this project, I utterly blame the onebrightroad. She sent me this pattern, and I looked at it, and thought, "I wonder if I could do that?" As it turns out, I can. See icon for finished product if photo album links annoy you (they do me, though sometimes they are worth it).

Notes In No Particular Order

-- The yarn is soft acrylic in plain old heather gray - the photos where it looks a bit yellowish are the ones with flash. The idea of purple was attractive, but it's tied up in that other project.

-- I've never made a doll before this (just afghans and some hats), so I didn't have "safety eyes" on hand and they evidently don't sell them at Michael's - and I didn't want to go hunting. I could have gone with the googly eyes they DO carry but... well, maybe another time. I think my improvised eyes look cooler anyway - they are made of buttons wrapped with embroidery floss. They are a bit fragile - this doll will not go to any child - but they look great.

-- The pattern has a link to a great method for starting crochet in the round. Very cool technique, more flexible and more logical than the one I've always used.

-- My usual technique for holding the work gave me some trouble while I did the decreasing rings at the neck and bottom. I bet it looked funny to an outside observer. :)

-- The only part of the pattern that gave me difficulty were the wings. Since I tried three times without success to make them - I think I was reading that part of the pattern wrong but I'm not sure how - I gave up, since I thought they were the weakest part of the pattern anyway, not too terribly appropriate for Cthulhu, being fairly angelic-looking. I made my own bat wings instead.

Cute project, doable over the weekend. I used several techniques that were new to me - the magic ring beginning, decreasing, and stuffing - and I have a decent record of the construction. Good practice for me as I'm wanting to build a habit I've never actually had, of taking pictures of things. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good detail shots on stuff like the eyes with my camera phone - especially since the zoom function seems to have mysteriously gone away. I may have to ask the fella to bring his camera over to help me out later this week.
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