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watery walk

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watery walk

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Today it rained at least half the day. In spite of that, I decided to walk the four blocks to Sher-E-Punjab for Indian food at lunchtime. Since I did not leave the apartment in rain-friendly shoes, I took my sandals off and carried them, as well as a library book and my wallet, underneath my umbrella. It would have been easier with a plastic bag, and I, and my clothing, got wet, but my important stuff stayed dry, so it was cool. Walking on cement sidewalks and the beaten tarred surface of the streets is like walking back through childhood. I should have found some grass. :) As it is, I walked through most of the puddles I came across, both to clean the siltiness picked up in less wet areas off my feet and because, duh, it's fun!

At the restaurant, I got there just in time to see the endgame of a customer making a small scene. The waiter remained smiling throughout, so at first I thought it was a joke between friends, but no, it was decidedly not. At the end, the woman was standing right in front of me, while getting the number of the manager from the waitress, and wanted her to pass on the message that the waiter should not have done this in front of other customers. I was thinking, look, lady, unless he was shrieking and clammed up right before I walked in, the only one acting up here is you. It's perfectly possible to be angry AND discreet, you just failed to manage it - and nobody made you make the noise you did except for you. I think she felt my eyes on her and was made uncomfortable thereby but a) she was drawing my attention and b) I was watching for my mulligatawny soup to come from right behind where she was standing. My opinion: total whiner.

Walking back to the office, I didn't backtrack but walked down a street closer to the center of downtown. My frequently shoe-clad feet are unfortunately soft and don't care for direct contact with the kind of sidewalk that's made of large nubbly rocks, but wet cobblestones feel funny beneath bare feet, slick and almost organic. I like it. :)
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