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retro (or is this redux?)

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retro (or is this redux?)

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fleur de lis heart
I'm up late, enough that I got hungry again. Oops.

I was talking to M, though. It was a good talk and I didn't want to cut it off. We are having those lately.

Talking to her makes me think of dumbass P. I am amused/annoyed/edified experiencing mixed emotions about the fact that, after talking to him during my Chicago visit, I can't bring myself to call him dumbass any more.

Atrophied anger, however justified it was when it was fresh, eventually drops off with disuse (side note: I might be too tired to make actual metaphors. That doesn't often happen while I can still form coherent sentences). Nothing's really changed except that things are in a place where they could change. No guarantees, and I expect nothing, but it's nice to return to base (again, what the hell? I can see that this expression doesn't work but can't see how to fix it. This is an uncommon state).

I do miss the dumbass/dumb-/kittymo-/dumb- damn it.
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