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when geeks go to war

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when geeks go to war

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The fella led the troops (read: me plus two of his coworkers, one spouse and three kids) to laser tag tonight. I'd forgotten to pay attention to the date, but opted not to bail in spite of the surprise.

In going for dark clothes, I completely missed the "how glow-in-the-dark works" memo. Every visible item on me lit up to some degree, whether from being medium blue, dark purple or white (shoes + laces), AND my water bottle, also purple, glowed under the lights so that it looked like I was drinking toxic waste. I should have realized that my standard color scheme was not going to do the trick for pitched battle, as the same thing had happened to my blue-green dress when I went to glow-in-the-dark mini golf for a moiracoon birthday a couple of years ago. At that time, though, glowing was just nifty - it didn't mean that I was all target, all over (probably a good thing, I bet golf balls hurt like hell). Perhaps now I have learned this very important lesson about blacklights.

I did all right for my first time, with an ok first score of just over 400 points(about 1/5 of the winner's) and a slow but steady rise in my numbers. My second-to-last game I got all crazy pew-pew-pew! running around and shooting people with fair accuracy - I actually scored over 1100 points (as far as I could tell, the point system was 25 per hit made -5 per hit taken, so thassalotta shooting), coming second out of 14 or so players on that round. My next game my performance dropped down to about 15% of that peak, and the tip of my thumb was numb from holding down the button that lets you fire (still kinda is) so I went out to read a book until fella finished playing for the evening.

Overall impression: enjoyable - would sweat again.
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