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please don't rock me tonight

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please don't rock me tonight

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I woke up at the wrong moment this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep, due to the rocking out of my mysterious odd hours neighbor (which might or might not have been what woke me). This time it was at 6 am instead of 2am. I dunno, is there really a material difference whether I lose an hour of sleep at the beginning of the night or at the end? It is often the morning snoozing that seems to clinch the deal on how I will feel for the day, so maybe.

Again, I went out into the hall to see if I could find the source. Again, I failed. I went outside as well this time to try to hear through the windows. No dice - apparently this music only exists as heard through the walls/ceilings of my apartment.

It had stopped by 7 am. Really, I have to wonder if there have been many nights I slept right through this and today it just ran a little later than usual, or if it's a rare occurrence that wakes me/keeps me awake every time it happens.

I spent most of the extra time this morning in the highly fruitful pursuit of looking for that LJ entry I linked above and tagging and titling previous entries, since without them my archive is largely unsearchable. So, no real benefit gained from an earlier morning. Time management skillz, I has them. Then again, the ache in my head and neck - from being tense in the evening, going to sleep late and being awakened early - has faded somewhat while I followed this pleasing pursuit, and I wrote a work-related email as well, so it's not all bad.
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