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belly rebellion

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belly rebellion

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Sick this afternoon. Started around 3:30, peaked an hour later, and made me completely wilt when I entered the heat of the outdoors, and especially my car, upon leaving work.

I already feel better, which is unsurprising. I know what the problem was, and though not downplaying the discomfort, this "illness" was totally my own fault. When it comes to sugar replacements, nothing's free, it's just a tradeoff of risks. Sometimes the line between enough-to-quiet-Sugar-Jones* and enough-to-radically-alter-my-stomach-function is essentially nonexistent.

For the record, the cause was sugar-free Jelly Belly jellybeans on top of Diet Dr. Pepper (which I normally can handle). I was trying them out, because I saw them today, and I have been wondering, with jellybeans, when you remove the sugar, what would be left?

I still don't know, exactly. However, I have learned that the popcorn-flavored ones can, as it turns out, be rendered still creepier. I would not have guessed.

* Sugar Jones is my make-up-to-break-up boyfriend. Even right this minute, he's still slinkin' around, hoping for some action. Sleaze. *shakes head*
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