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great hummocks of hummus!

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great hummocks of hummus!

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I made hummus for the first time a month or so ago.

Based on the ease-of-preparation to yum ratio, I developed plans to become a hummus-based life form. However, only a few batches in, I used a can of garbanzo beans that were coarser than the previous ones. They were a different brand from what I had previously used, and had also been in the cabinet for quite some time, so no definative why on that was, but I didn't like it, and ate only about a quarter of it before I threw it out. Bummer for the waste of it, plus I was put off from the hummus thing for a bit.

Tonight, needing quick and easy food but still homemade, I made hummus again, with the first of the variations I had meant to try - this one was roasted red pepper.

Prognosis: it's yummy, but the water in the peppers mean that the other liquids need to be reduced. Good for me to eat but not to share. Will try again soon.
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