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The shoes Mom bought me came, saving me from a mall trip.

ktp1 sent me a small heap of banned YA books, a totally sweet gift idea. I should really write up my Forever story sometime.

Tuesday the fella took me for Indian food at The Oven (he got red stuff, I got green stuff, and we shared with each other - it was like Christmas in Glopland), gave me Philadelphia Chickens ("BOOK AND CD OF THE IMAGINARY MUSICAL REVUE") which I had made a huge fuss over when I saw it the day we went for my eye dilation at Pearle, and then watched shows on the showshower with me.

Friday nekouken came into Omaha. After I got him at the airport (and took an impressive two wrong turns coming home) we went to El Potrero for shrimp nachos (the only way I will eat shrimp), had naps on loveseat and couch, respectively, missed Guitar Center's closing by 2 minutes (why do they close at 8? Does shopping really end then?). Then, since he had not been able to buy me the holy crap it's purple! guitar I wanted, we instead went to Target where he bought me fans and a Foreman grill (the metal pieces on this model can be taken out for washing! SO MUCH YAY), stopped at Barnes and Noble where he bought me yet more books (some I picked and one he desires me to read), and then he bought me gas. After that it was back to my place for me to pick up the kitchen and get back to the work I needed to finish to ship back to IL with him, while he made wild salmon for dinner on the new foreman grill in the newly spiffed kitchen, and close the night with watching MSTs.

Pretty okay birthdayings. :)

Next up, I have a pile of new books to read, and also have to havet to HAVE TO clean because I worked like a maniac all last week to get that order finished in time to send out on Saturday and I haven't really cleaned in almost two weeks - yikes!
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