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ain't no such thing as a loose end, baby

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ain't no such thing as a loose end, baby

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I am cherrypicking episodes of Buffy to show the fella (the goal being avoiding the most extreme instances of silliness, since it turned him off). I mean to show the ones I pick roughly in order, and in the meantime watch by myself the ones we skip, to refresh any details I miss (plus it's good for assembly work since I have seen it before and don't mind missing parts). However, at a moment when he had a comfortable cushion of screwdriver in him, it seemed apropos to subject him to show him the musical episode; which is how I noticed this juxtaposition:

From season 6, "Once More, With Feeling"

Willow (sung): I've got a theory: some kid is dreaming, and we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare.

Which line is, of course, an obvious reference to the episode I watched just now...

From season 1, "Nightmares"

Xander: Um, our dreams are coming true.
Giles: Dreams? That would be a musical comedy version of this. Nightmares, our nightmares are coming true.

The line in the song is just a fairly routine canon reference, but in the context of the quote from the earlier episode, the entire musical itself becomes a self-referential joke. The magnitude of this geekiness (or whatever would lead someone to do that) is just awesome.

In other amusing news, I learned at work yesterday that there is a Killology Research Group. It really strikes me funny, though I'm sure they're dead serious.

*outrageous giggles*
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