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those pesky zombies

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those pesky zombies

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I was dreaming about zombies again when I woke up this morning.

I was a barely trained soldier in some kind of war. It was happening in the midst of normal life, in towns that weren't part of the battle - even in dream logic, I thought this was weird, and asked about it. My leader told me that even in a war, we still need cops.

I had a gun, but it only held two bullets and it jammed. I barely even knew how to hold it anyway; I traded it in for some big nails in the shape of a digital C (long back part with two shorter prongs). I think I was supposed to throw them.

There was something about a van, and then the dream zoomed out away from my own perspective. Some terrible creeping weapon - I didn't see it but it might have been a golden gas - was set off by the enemies. It came across a huge (about the size of an RV) canister of an even worse weapon, which exploded. Back in my eyes, I saw, from a high perspective - I was up on some kind of plateau - soft-edged runners of this fast-moving, bright-and-evil-green gas booking through a cornfield. Then it reached the houses, and when it got to people it both killed the living and reanimated both the freshly and previously dead.

That was a little disturbing to wake up from. Knee-jerk reactions aside, it's not that I've been watching too many movies - I'm hard-pressed to even watch the things I've gotten through Netflix. Perhaps it is a reaction to the studied, professional-level awkwardness of the characters in the Flight of the Conchords episodes I just watched. Oh, hm, I did watch through Firefly, though, but they weren't very Reaver-y.

So, anyway, dreams an' stuff.
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