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Someone in my building is playing music. I can't hear the actual tune, but I can pick up the low parts. This happens infrequently, but when it does, it tends to go from 10:00 pm to about 2:00 am. On weeknights.

Earplugs don't block it out - there is a slight element of hearing, but mostly it is sensation: I feel it as a pounding, in my body, between my shoulderblades, on my brain. It doesn't help at all that it is very irregular, with low tones and sharp percussive irregularities in the backbeats. It ALSO doesn't help that from the "sound" of it, it just about has to be music of a type that I pretty much loathe.

It could be a lot worse - I've been sleeping more solidly lately, straight through the nights, and it may be that this actually goes on every night but only keeps me up when they turn on their music before I sack out. It isn't strong enough to wake me, either - that would require perceptible sound - it's just enough to prevent sleep if I haven't already made it there.

I got dressed one night around 1 and tried to find the source, but had no damn luck; I am not even sure how to complain about it, or that I would WANT to if I could figure out how. It doesn't have a huge impact on my life, exactly. Tonight though, it's exacerbating both my chronically shortchanged need for sleep and the headache I've been carrying around. Odd that I haven't complained about it, usually I feel completely unable to function when there is any pain at all between my ears - but still, definitely damn annoying.

I'm going to bed and hoping that I can either distract myself from it and fall asleep while my conscious mind is dismissing it or nod off during a lull. With late nights and non-late mornings (yippee for the cat who thinks that staying in bed past 8:30 on a Saturday should be a capital crime) exhaustion just might carry me off.
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