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what happy horseshit is this?

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what happy horseshit is this?

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Ok, seriously. Some of the people that message me on OkCupid... I don't even want to mock it, I just want to hide and/or cry.

I am not sure where the line is between honest and mean. I hope I didn't cross it, but really, I do not want to hear from him again, and doing that girl thing where you don't really admit that you aren't into somebody is just a waste of time for everyone involved.

The Conversation

him: hi
him: hello
me: hi
him: how are u doing
me: fine, and you?
him: fine and well, ilike your profile
me: thanks
me: it's a little unfinished at present
him: no problem i dont have enough on mine as well,what do u do
me: clerical work
him: ok ,jus finished graduate school
me: aha
me: in what discipline?
him: engineering
him: are u single
me: yeah
him: ok ,ive been single for the past two years
him: im in WICHITA ,KS
me: uh huh
me: so your profile says New York NY why exactly?
him: haha,have u been to wichita b4,yes i was in NY when i created the profile ,i will change it when im less busy
me: no, I haven't been to wichita
him: ok
him: are u busy
me: yeah, kinda
him: ok i will link up later
me: well, I should just be straight - I am busy, but I am also not that interested
me: your profile is a fairly big turnoff for me, sorry
him: ok bye then
me: *nod*
me: good luck
*** him's IC window is closed

the "u" thing always makes me wince but if he'd caught my interest I would have asked him if he could stop, and if he was able, that would be just as good, really - I am a fan of being conscious of and able to control communication tips, whether verbal (such as "um") or fostered by chat laziness. However, what I told him about his profile being a turnoff was based on nothing but the (extremely) bare facts:

The Profile

My self-summary: (vey honest and loving ,i like]] to go out with honest people get back to me if u we have 50 percent match)

What I'm doing with my life: studying

I'm really good at: basket ball

The first thing(s) people usually notice about me: is my body

My favorite books, movies, music, and food: my life

The six things I could never do without: is my life

I spend a lot of time thinking about: life

On a typical Friday night I am: bar

The most private thing I'm willing to admit here: is sleeping

You should message me if: u wanna move with me

This guy made it through grad school? Uh, ARE there unaccredited grad schools? Not only that, but one of his three adjectives is "man." I... yeah, no.

Ok, actually now that I am free of the conversation it does make me want to laugh some. I mean, you know we weren't a match - I am hardly ever bar on Friday nights. I might be friend or movie or work from home, even, and though smoking ban do make bar more likely, bar not really me.
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