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away from the waking world

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away from the waking world

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Jeez, these dreams! I got barely enough sleep, and then such dreams I had that at least the last half hour of sleep I got was NOT rest.

There were many high school students loitering outside my window (weirdly, several were Snape incarnations from parodies). I knew I had to go to school with them, so I went and got a vertical striped multicolored dress (which, what? I would pretty much never wear that), but I didn't get it on before torrential pouring rain started, and all the kids went away. I morphed one male coworker with a friend I've never met (I actually have a lot of those now), and another with a lady who works at my apartment complex. Then I got together with them to go and report the fact that his and my ground level apartments had tremendous leaks in the ceilings (and just what the heck was going on in the apartments above? Were they even occupied? What an outrage! Except I wasn't). So, I guess I didn't have to go to high school after all. I did however have to report it so urgently that all I went in was a loosely wrapped towel.

OH YEAH and there was also this part where I was watching a movie with my friend, and then I was IN the movie, where I had this crazy distant Glenn Close mom, and my dad was dead or missing, and the mom was keeping all these secrets from daugher me, and there was just a box of money. Then I pulled back into audience perspective and the character was Jennifer Garner, sneaking into a safe to get memorabelia about her dad; she found a box of ripped up checks and some photos. The plot was that the dad had written a bunch of... not bad checks, but something fake, and then he ripped them all up so they didn't exist any more,(there were two boxes) and that meant the daughter just got a box of free money. Then she turned around and the safe was unguessably tall and all full of these boxes of papers and, I dunno, snapshots or something. I guess the mom was seriously about holding onto memory stuff. The scam is SO stupid now that I'm awake, but it worked in the dream.

Also I said "God damn it!" to a former priest, and he corrected me, "No, just damn it."
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