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that did my heart good

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that did my heart good

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You know that feeling you get when you go somewhere that's more of a "home" to you than even the place where you keep your underwear*? That's how I feel right now; I just got back from my first real evening volunteering at the library.

I actually started last Wednesday. Last Wednesday being what it was, I took half of a Dewey decimal/fiction shelving quiz before being herded with everyone else to the restrooms to wait out the tornadoes; theb finished the quiz in the john, hung out with some drenched baseball players and a couple of very well-behaved poodles, chatted with my training dude about webcomics before getting a ride from him back to my apartment, which is literally across the street (it wasn't weathering at the moment but there was still evil potential in those skies).

An unnoticed tension has fallen away. I've been "going to" do this for so long; now I AM.

Tonight I:

-- proved that I can shelve fiction and non-fiction by shelving a half cart (the method here is to put adult on one side, juvenile on the other - hope I don't tip over a cart!), putting the books in the right places but tipped face-forward with bookmarks sticking out the tops so my work could be checked

-- overheated in the stacks (I am told the air circulation is sometimes iffy)

-- decided I am not taking juvenile head-on yet; when I was a regular reader of picture books I didn't even comprehend how authors worked (I was ever a voracious and random reader; the idea that if you liked a book you could find other books by the same author and have good odds of liking those too didn't really sink in until hm, I think it was Judy Blume and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing followed by Superfudge that led me to get that, so that puts me at eight, and I had to have that idea down before cataloging could possibly make sense) and it seems kind of Byzantine here; this is fine with the peoples there

-- "gossiped" about Anne Rice and that Connie Willis/Harlan Ellison thing a couple of years ago

-- ordered several shelving carts

-- caught a handful of juvenile books that had been racked with the adult ones for reshelving

-- found a book that another volunteer couldn't find

-- struggled with names

-- met the big boss

-- failed to find the large print area independently

-- was startled by the "five minutes to close" light flick

I'll be going back on Wednesday, after which I will probably be done "training" as a shelver. I look forward to it. I actually like shelving. :)

* With apologies to any constant commando warr iors.
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