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minor-ish issues

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minor-ish issues

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I went to bed but I can't sleep so I came back. I'm kind of feeling strung out and weird. It'll pass - everything passes sooner or later - but it's not fun. My sinuses also seem to want to relay some mysterious message - it's hard to interpret but it seems to mean roughly, "We don't like you." Sickness may be in the offing. Damn do I ever hate summer colds.

I should really check the responses to the comments I make more often. I do it though my profile page, and only every other day at most. I would set up email notification, but I am really resistant to that idea, since even the small amount of email I currently get is more than I want to be receiving. Thing is, though, with my present arrangement I miss out on making timely responses to some things, so perhaps I will reexamine the problem yet again.

Also, new icon.
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