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so... much... meat

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so... much... meat

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I've been eating fresh vegetables with pretty good regularity, but I need main dishes to go with them, and I can't really cook after work on a weekday - it puts 7 to 9 hours between lunch and dinner, and that's too long. So, trying this cooking ahead thing. I've been doing it, actually, with big pots of soup, but I end up doing one at a time and then I don't wanna make another to alternate, so I just eat the one kind of soup until it's gone, and meanwhile I get sick of it, and the lack of variety is probably not great for me, either.

So I bought a zillion things of meat, and this weekend I made:

diet meatloaf (it has green beans, recipe from grandma, it's actually pretty good)
some kind of improvised taco mess
beef and broccoli (chinese dish)
italian beef (I need some peppers)
spaghetti pie (dish with spaghetti, or in this case spaghetti squash, as a "crust" topped with cottage cheese and then a meat filling. It was supposed to be turkey breakfast sausage, and instead I came home with plain ground pork. Little confusion there, so I had to fake it a bit; fortunately, cheap red wine covers a multitude of sins)

I've been eating largely vegetarian for a good while, which has changed only recently; we shall see how the body deals with this meat invasion.

I am one single girl and I have at LEAST fifteen meals prepared in my fridge. It's fuckin' weird.
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