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Bright-Nail: Not Just a Sword in a Gimongous Tad Williams Novel Anymore!

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Bright-Nail: Not Just a Sword in a Gimongous Tad Williams Novel Anymore!

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So. The girliness that I don't express through shopping, clotheshorsing and shoelove seems to come out in me through wild socks (sometimes), earringadoration (rarely), and shiny shiny colors on my fingertips to watch while I type (also rarely).

However, I also have a problem: I am a cuticle abuser. I stopped biting my nails around age eleven (though that is suspended in times of extreme stress), but the skin around them is perennially damaged because I'm always screwing with it. It looks so ugly to me, and yet I still do it, fairly compulsively (it's part of an overall urge I have for everything on me to be smooth to the touch, gone, in this case, horribly wrong. It's not so hot for scabs, either).

I've been thinking about changing that nail polish "rarely" for quite a while - I've often thought that keeping my nails painted would help with that cuticle disaster. A test run last month indicated that this IS the case - and when I stopped, I started up with the bad behaviour again.

I want to keep my nails painted long enough to break the habit. They have to be unchipped, or I will just pick at the polish, which is still part of the bad pattern, so will need to be redone frequently, making it fairly labor-intensive. Ideally, the shiny would carry me through; however, I've been unthrilled with my color range of nail polish for a while now.

In the last couple of months, I've gone on two shopping trips specifically for nail polish, and I am much happier with the palette I have. So, now that I've blathered enough, I come to the super silly, true point of this post - I'm surveying my nail polish colors:

Clear - 3
1 regular - Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color
1 base coat - HydraCoat Rehydrating Base Coat
1 top coat - L'Oreal Chip Resistant Glossy Sealer

Metallics - 2
1 silver - Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff, "Iced Metal"
1 gunmetal - Jane Nail Color, "Soldier Boy"

Whites - 1
1 pearl tone - Jane Nail Color, "Angel"

Yellows - 1
1 canary - Wet 'n' Wild, "Tweetie"

Greens - 4
1 neon lime - Maybelline Express Finish, "Go Go Green"
1 olive - Nail Savvy, color name missing
1 kelly - Sinful Colors, "San Francisco"
1 sea - Avon Nailwear, "Poseidon"

Blue-Greens - 2
1 teal - Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine, "Caribbean Frost"
1 teal with blue highlights - Sinful Colors, "Pacific Ocean"

Blues - 5
1 pale - Nail Fantasies, "Tommy"
2 dark sky
Sinful Colors, name missing
Love My Nails, "Electric Blue"
2 cobalt (probably)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, "Blue It"
Pure Ice Frosted Ice, "Starry Nites"

Purples - 9
1 blue with purple overtones = lavender - Nail Fantasies, "Sugar Plum"
1 pink + blue is technically lavender - Rush 60 Second High Speed, "Gorgeous"
1 lavender - Sinful Colors, "Arube Rhythm"
1 mauve - Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color, "Royal Romance"
1 (running low on purple names) - Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast, "Soul Mate"
1 (yeah, still lacking inspiration, I guess this is why they're called things like "Soul Mate") - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, "Purple Potion"
1 plum - Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine, "Eggplant Frost"
1 purple - Sinful Colors, "Fiji"
1 deep purple - Sinful Colors, "Daddy's Girl" (oh that name combination! :O)

Blacks - 1
1 black - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, "Black Out"

Reds - 2
1 blood red - Sally Hansen Salon - "Wine Not?"
1 burgundy - Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine, "Glossy"

Pinks - 4
2 pale pink
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, "Platinum Frost"
Maybelline Express Finish, "Taupe Tulle"
1 rose - Rimmel Lasting Finish Lycra Wear, "Ash Rose"
1 hot pink - Cover Girl NailSlicks, "Caribbean Coral"

Grand total is 34. That doesn't count two colors I am not sure what to do with, one a dark pink, one a light red - I am considering throwing them out, since reds and pinks look abnormally normal on my hands these days (where I am used to seeing green, blue and purple) and I bought them in Kenosha... at 13, when I was staying with my aunt. And yet, I just put some on over the two fingers that had single coats of the deep purple one (it's a very gelly polish, and wants to stay on for a while and then peel off in a complete sheet). They do a second coat color change very nicely, so I will hold off on the decision a little longer.

No more nail polish purchases for a while - at least until I get a shiny shiny new box to keep them in, like the ones I so frugally didn't buy when I was in Chicago time before last.
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