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hot unconscious action! (warning: sounds dirtier than it is)

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hot unconscious action! (warning: sounds dirtier than it is)

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Very action-packed night once I'd gone to bed. My dream featured a ragtag band of defenders, slow zombies AND fast zombies, and huge praying mantis looking aliens who preferred to eat people alive because the soul improves the flavor. There was also a waitress.

I was pretty cool in this dream; not only was I able to heal my people, but I also had a Voice (way better than in the Dune flick) that let me control the zombies. It wasn't perfect, but I was able to make them retreat.

One of my party covered the sides of his face in layers of concrete. I'm not sure why, though I want to say it was to protect himself from the zombies. However, since the top of his head was not covered, it would not have been that effective, or so it seems to me on waking.

Pretty bitchin'.
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