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more kitty health issues

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more kitty health issues

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Nona got sick over the weekend. Took her to the emergency vet, she was running a fever and she got a blood test that showed elevated white and red blood cells and dehydration. She got subcutaneous fluids (she would not tolerate an IV well) and antibiotics and I took her home (she would not tolerate an overnight stay well).

She perked up on the way, and has been closer to normal (ironic to be HAPPY about her super-annoying morning routine), but closer ain't normal, so we're off to the regular vet, which if nothing else will cost less than the emergency one.

Cost is a burden at the moment: I may have to put off buying that painting, though I hope not. It depends on when the check comes in for work I did a couple of months ago for Dad. I'll be waiting until it's closer to the day to make that call.

*Edit*: We are back from the vet, her fever is gone; since the antibiotic presumably took it down that quickly, he gave me continuing doses for ten days.

Her prognosis is good and Buddha's ear thing cleared up after a week of ear wash and drops, so I will refrain from sighing about Madame High Maintenance.
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