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As I got out of the car today after getting home from work, I felt pain in my back.

I have not felt exactly like this in years, and yet, I instantly remember it: it is transitional pain.  It is a warning.  It is an indicator that says, "Hey, you did something stupid, and you are one step away from doing something much stupider!"

As I slow down, try consciously not to stiffen up, take every move extremely carefully in order not to allow the real pain that I sense is just around the corner to blossom, and basically become, in body language and attitude, the spit and image of an octogenarian invalid, I rack my brains, trying to remember what I did wrong.  Did I sleep in some strange position?  Did I do some unaccustomed exercise that affected lazy muscles?  Did I slouch too much at work, or in the car?

All answers come up no, as far as I recall.  Nothing out of the ordinary (I should maybe say, no new or excessive abuses).  Either I did not notice what I did to myself, or I *didn't* do anything specific, and it's just lots of tiny bad choices have accumulated to make this the time to hurt.

I've been completely inactive since 7:00.  It's now midnight.  I slept the evening away, uselessly, since the acetaminophen and curled up-position had only a tiny alleviating effect.  The day is wasted, and though I waste plenty of days, usually I actively choose the method, rather than "choose" it by whatever stupidity brought me to this place.

This sucks.  *sigh*  I have now used up all my "sitting in the computer chair" time, so instead of doing what I want to do, I'm off to slooooowwwlllyyy search for a stronger painkiller and a different way to lie down (maybe the floor?).

This powerfully interferes with my self-image as "superwoman".  On the other hand, if I'm still yucky in the morning, I can justify calling in sick to work - always a bonus!  *grump* Of course, I'll probably feel fine in the morning, so that all I lose is me-time.  *grump grump grump*

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