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foiled again

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foiled again

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I first heard of Sara Bareilles through the song "Fairy Tale" being linked on told_tales. It really captivated me. Her delivery is great, a comfortable, informal sliding jazzy kind of deal, and I love the sound of the piano, raw and clonky and staccato. The natural sound of just-a-girl-and-a-piano really works for this tune (the video, in spite of a slightly overlong pre-song intro period, is also very spunky and fun, which never hurts).

I found and liked four other songs from the same album, Little Voices (do we still call CDs "albums?"), which is a respectable number for one CD, so I ordered it on Amazon on Sunday night. I've been all excited waiting for it to arrive, and it came today. I listened to all the tracks in order, and it's a pretty great CD, but when I got to "Fairy Tale," after waiting almost all the way through (11th of 12)... it was a different version. It's all slick and studio-produced: there's no clonky piano; her singing style is softened, muted; there are background singers; there are drums, damn it. It's not that these are bad things - they're perfectly valid stylistic choices - it's just that this is not what I wanted.

If only I'd replayed that particular song when I looked through her YouTube channel, I'd have realized there were two versions and that the one I wanted might not be on the CD, but I didn't recheck it there, because I was focused on finding songs I hadn't yet heard.

The irony is that I even paid a buck extra for the "Special Edition" of the CD which has a bonus CD with five "stripped" songs - different cuts of tunes from the main album but in that same style as the version I first heard of "Fairy Tale" - and that song isn't one of them. The version I like might be available somewhere, but I have no idea where (it's not on her website, just the album I have and some live tracks), and it's not in my hands right now.

In protest to this mistreatment from the universe, I'm going to go read Anne Bishop, which I was going to do anyway but now I will be slightly pouty about it. Well, except that I won't actually pout, but I will put it as my "mood."
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