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Four Lemons and a Winner

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Four Lemons and a Winner

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Yesterday, late morning I picked up the fella and we watched Heathers. That was one of "the" movies for the set of girlfriends I had in college, so I'd seen it quite a few times, but over a decade ago. It's funny what had stuck with me and what I had completely forgotten. I lost the climax of that movie, though I did recall the scenes which came after. Some of the laughing I did was about the way we'd responded to the movie back in the day rather than what I was seeing at the moment. Very meta.

He and loh had a lunch engagement, so I took him back home and then later fetched him again for the evening's plan of Bad Movie Night. That was a grand old time for sure, replete with waffles AND a shaky rendition of "The Waffle Song."

When we arrived they were already watching Omega Cop. I feel confident that we missed nothing by skipping out on the first 20 minutes. The end credits had surf music running over them, which was perhaps related to things explained during the portion we missed. Parking garage music would have better fit the film's terrain, but I don't know that any exists, so maybe Back-to-the-Beach-esque was the closest they could come, but still, surreal.

After that it was Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, which was deceptively uneven - if you channel-surfed to it in the middle dialogue-heavy part, you might think it had fairly good production values - or perhaps that was only me, in a statement categorized by scuppa as "very generous." The effects, when they finally manifested, indicated that it's definitely a B movie, though I'm thinking D- is more fitting to the aesthetic. However, what I shall take away with me is the cute-as-a-button tiny yellow submarine, the VW Beetle of the seas.

Chopping Mall was clearly the offspring of a threeway splice of slasher flicks, slob comedies and Robocop. Fortunately for the reader, that breakdown carries almost none of the resultant feel of the actual movie. The best part of the movie was the end credits - as each cast member's name appeared, a clip of that actor in action was shown, which afforded a fantastic replay of Bimbette #1's head being exploded by a laser blast - this is what it would look like if Gallagher was a killer robot. Also, the surviving chick got better and better looking as the movie progressed, so clearly that gal needs to include robot pummeling in her morning makeup routine - it's extreme, sure, but you gotta go with what works.

We finished up the evening with an old familiar one for me, an MST3K episode from season 8, The Giant Spider Invasion. Unlike the previous movies, which were selected by a random choice system that I gather was somewhat murky, this one was selected because glittergodzilla, half of the BMN hosts for the evening, is a big Bill Rebane fan. I hadn't really considered the possibility of such up to his saying so. Also, I see that Leslie Parrish's IMDB filmography has really been fleshed out since the last time I looked at it. That comment is a herald that, oh yes, I also revealed my dorkitude with background information about her as well as Robert Easton, who played the icky protagonist and also wrote the screenplay, but is mostly known for being a Hollywood dialogue/dialect coach. This means his delivery in the movie may have been consciously chosen, which is definitely food for thought.

I was so pleased to be there that I left my wallet behind so they'd have to let me come back at least once more. I'll be getting a ride to pick it up today, and maybe check out an Earth Day celebration in an area park.
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