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what is up with my subconscious?

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what is up with my subconscious?

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I had a really intricate dream. I can't even remember what it was about, but I can remember what it was like. I had gotten into somebody else's dream database and was having their dreams. There was a little girl in it and she was having all kinds of adventures, and then she started dreaming and I dreamed her dreams. Poor kid, she was having nightmares; they didn't scare me but she was terrified. Her trusted adult companion turned into a head and torso with a ton of wriggling extremeties coming from everywhere - similar transformations happened with the scientist guy/alien from UHF and the blue alien from the beginning of Men in Black, and I think there was one in Beetlejuice too.

I think there was something about my dad and his second wife moving onto a yacht, too, and I think there were mermaids, but "real" ones, blobby and white and not sexy ladies in seashell bras. How much support can those things possibly offer, anyway?
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