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Welcome to the Library Catalog

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Welcome to the Library Catalog

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I've got 24 books out of the library at the moment:

Believing is Seeing: Seven Stories, by Diana Wynne Jones
Bluebeard's Egg and Other Stories, by Margaret Atwood
But That's Another Story: Famous Authors Introduce Popular Genres, by Sandy Asher
Cat's Eye, by Margaret Atwood
Conrad's Fate, by Diana Wynne Jones
Dark Lord of Derkholm, by Diana Wynne Jones
Dude!: Stories and Stuff for Boys, by Sandy Asher
The Edible Woman, by Margaret Atwood
Eight Days of Luke, by Diana Wynne Jones
The Empty Chair, by Diane Duane
Firebirds: an anthology of original fantasy and science fiction, by Sharyn November
Firebirds Rising: an anthology of original science fiction and fantasy, by Sharyn November
The Game, by Diana Wynne Jones
Hexwood, by Diana Wynne Jones
Mixed Magics, by Diana Wynne Jones
The Penelopiad: the myth of Penelope and Odysseus, by Margaret Atwood
The Pinhoe Egg, by Diana Wynne Jones
A Rose-Red City, by Dave Duncan
Second Sight: Stories for a New Millennium, by Avi
Wild Robert, by Diana Wynne Jones
Year of the Griffin, by Diana Wynne Jones
Yes, Dear, by Diana Wynne Jones
Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze, by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis
Young Witches & Warlocks, by Isaac Asimov

That isn't as much as it looks like in terms of reading, because a lot of it is YA fiction, which is shorter as well as more fun to read. One of them was even a picture book (Yes, Dear, and it was adorable!).

That IS as much as it looks like in terms of HTML tags, though. By hand, baby! I want this list for tracking what I read out of this batch. The underlining, though, was just for the sake of pedantism.

ETA: AND I didn't make one damned error doing that either! I usually miss at least one and have to go back to fix it, and in such a large group I was certainly expecting to! w00t!
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