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my Diana kick continues

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my Diana kick continues

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Very nice, almost wholly unproductive weekend.

I'm continuing on the Diana Wynne Jones kick that started with Dogsbody and The Merlin Conspiracy. It's a serious pursuit at this point. There's a spreadsheet and everything!

This weekend I checked out and read four more books new to me:

Mixed Magics
Conrad's Fate
Year of the Griffin
The Game

The bibliography list is a little difficult to figure out - the Wikipedia and the official website don't seem to match up, quite, and there appear to be errors in both, though I won't be sure of that until I have found and read the questionable ones. There definitely appears to be considerable publishing overlap, especially among the short stories, probably because of the gap between UK and US publishing. As near as I can tell, between the novels and collections she has 40 books, and I've read 18 of them so far.

This is completist. Yesssssssss.
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