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going forward

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going forward

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I'm rethinking the way I use this journal. I want to refresh my interest in it by changing some things:

--- capturing more of the exceptional events

--- recording less of the minutia (what I want for my future self is a sense of what was happening at times in the past, but I think what I'm creating lately is more of a deluge of dull details

--- writing about what I'm thinking instead of what I'm doing

--- going for the funny more often

To represent change visually, I have changed to a new mood theme. It's a little jarring, as it's been years - so mission accomplished. I will probably change my default icon soon as well - I will have to think about it a lot more, though. It will be a big change, as I have only ever had one default icon and all the "self" I have invested in LJ also imbues that picture for me at this point. However, when I think about the symbology of it I don't really like what it says, and I chose it on a whim initially, so it's time.
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