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well, *I* thought it was...

I went shopping last night, which (with the exception of book stores, music stores, and stores like Spencer's or Natural Wonders - stores with lots of random cool or eye-catching stuff) usually entails me traipsing along behind whoever is *actually* shopping.  I don't mind, as long as it doesn't take *too* long - I'm usually there for the company.  That was the case last night, and langs_place  was there - fairly focused on finding slipcovers for her naughty bits, but there.  That however, didn't stop me from making snarky comments about the underwear - I'm very much a cotton-undies-and-sports-bra kind of gal.  All that frou-frou stuff makes me want to laugh, and be snide - which brings me back to last night.

So, I saw this bra, and the fabric... oh, my.  It was white with a fairly large (certainly large for a pattern on a bra!) floral pattern.  I'm thinking curtains, sheets, bedspreads, towels from the 70s - I've been trying to find a picture of something like it but am not having any success!  Anyway, it was very furniturey.  

So, I picked this bra up, showed it to my active shopper, and said, "Check this one out!" and in a come-on voice I said, "Wanna play couch and potato?"  I thought it was hilarious; she thought it was funny (so far as I could tell).  But then I later told it to Phillip, and he just did not get it.  I gave up after trying to explain three times (this in spite of the adage about explaining jokes!).

I told Mike and the bum, and they both got it, so I'm thinking I just was explaining so badly that I ruined it for the boy.  Then again, I expected him to get it, so I was unprepared to explain it.  Ah!  I can now forgive myself for my act of joke murder! !

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