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teh yuck

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teh yuck

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Came home sick instead of going to lunch. The dizziness and runny nose, the fact that I was using handsan after each nose blow and the frequency was causing my skin to ache were all contributors, but the deciding factor was when I turned a binder upside down to adjust the pages without having actually closed the binder rings yet (fortunately it all fell in order).

I went to the store for soup and vitamin C vectors, and some meat just in case I feel up to trying to make my own soup; then to the drugstore to get Nyquil caplets, because I didn't want the sauce. Came home, ate soup, took drugs, turned up the heat, built a nest, watched a little TV and then slept for about four hours.

Splenda is not working in the Diet V8 Splash - it tastes very artificial, like Kool-aid. If I go for more juice I will get full sugar - but I also got regular v8 and the generic of same which ought to preclude that.
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