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oh, the weather outside

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oh, the weather outside

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The snow last night was ridiculous. You know how sometimes you start cleaning off the car and by the time you're done with the last window the first one has stuff on it again? This was like that but so much faster that I'd finish a WINDOW and the other half would be covered. Snow got on the seat and I leaned in to brush it off, and more blew in around me.

I knew that it was going to be bad this morning, one way or another, so I changed up the routine - got out of bed as early as I could drag myself, went out and scraped the car, THEN came and got in the nice hot shower. My usual shower is fairly warm, but not enough to redden my skin; it felt like it was burning my fingers. It was a bitch to scrape, too, my car was warm when the temp dropped so lots of frozen snow blobs on the windows.

Now to dress and go early to beat whatever inclement crap is on the roads - can't assess accurately from my parking lot, because it is somewhat sheltered. Sometimes that's good, sometimes bad.

I think tonight will be about House, couch, kitties, blanket.

Everybody stay warm!
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