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Today was beautiful. It's ironic that it was the first time my boss asked me to work in the office on a weekend - there have been Saturdays when being there would have been okie doke, but today I wanted to leave as soon as I arrived.

Because it was so lovely, I didn't spend that much time there (though I may go back in for a bit tomorrow) and afterwards I went to the bike shop and finished paying off my bicycle that I'd picked out in November.

I got it home and brought it inside, checked to make sure it would fit in the ginormous closet (honestly, it might as well have been made for bike storage) and then nick_number and loh rode over and we all went for a ride. According to LoH, we went 2.87 miles. I don't think I've been on a bike in 16 years - so says my butt, anyway. *chuckle* Really, though, it was great. I love the feeling of attaining real speed without being boxed into a car. I love the feeling that it's my body doing the attaining, too. I don't particularly love the feeling of the helmet - that is definitely a change from when I was a kid - but it's not as awful as it could be, and I'll deal.

I may get an actual picture of it later, but for now this is what it looks like even down to the color scheme. It's lovely, isn't it? I don't have that top, though (and wouldn't wear it if I did, though that is another issue).

I had been feeling a need to own a few things that are exactly what I want, chosen by me, purchased new by me - not a pen or socks, but something large, something to fill a desire as well as a need; something not bought on the cheap. Between the furniture and this bike, that's now handled.
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