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car stuff and the trip surrounding

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car stuff and the trip surrounding

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This trip has been quite excellent. I can say that now that the central purpose for it has been accomplished. My car (as in the one that is in my name but that nekouken has been driving for the last couple of years) had developed a mysterious I-like-to-stop-working-for-no-reason-a-mechanic-can-discern ailment. He'd been stranded twice (never fun in any weather but potentially dangerous this time of year), run through all his prepaid roadside assistance calls, and more than once spent time and resources in order to arrange for people to tell him there was nothing wrong with the car. At that point, he went out and bought a new-to-him vehicle, which was a fine plan, but one that left me owning an unused car two states away from my current address. I could have arranged to sell it from where I was, but there were plenty of other reasons to plan a trip back once there was an excuse on which to hang the trip - for example, the airfares were very inexpensive, less than half what driving would have cost!

"From Carmax it came, and to Carmax it shall return" about sums up what we did. There was some minor stress today while we got all the last minute stuff arranged and then rearranged due to the weather, but it all ended up fantastic - the process was extremely streamlined, and Carmax bought the car back for far more than I thought they would. I had looked at the Blue Book online, but I think there are a few things that I had wrong that were in my favor, and they judged the condition of the car as "good" when I was estimating it as "fair."

I know you CAN make more selling privately, but in this case, I don't think we would have, because we didn't know how much to ask for it, and the one offer we'd had was less than a tenth of what we ended up getting. I might have tried it anyway if not for the hassle of doing it long distance and the frustrating and mystifying problem (which we dutifully disclosed to the Carmax guy) which would likely have prevented me from selling the car privately in good conscience. This loose end is officially tied, and I am happy about it.

The trip has gone very well overall: Saturday, house cleaning and shopping followed by a small-but-fun gathering - MST shorts, personal pizzas and Apples to Apples with ktp1, bammba_m, gyades, moiracoon and stormdog (in order of arrival *chuckle*); Sunday, hanging out with bamm, who crashed at nekouken's because we kept her up talking until the drive home would have been dangerous for her, then visiting Mom and Bob, then visiting Dad; Monday, sleeping in, then doing the car thing. Tomorrow is scheduled lightly - laid back morning, maybe a used bookstore/yarn shop/Fry's run in the early afternoon, then to the airport for a 6:15 flight. I'm not sure what the snow that has flomped onto Chicago today will do to my return travel tomorrow, but the only urgent things I can think of in Lincoln are a meeting at work on Wednesday (which can be rescheduled or can go on without me) and my mail, which since I forgot to leave the key is probably crammed full by now. Hopefully I haven't overlooked anything crucial; I'll know by this time tomorrow.
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