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when geeks travel

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when geeks travel

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Made it in to Midway last night, late but safe and sound. Between the long wait in the airport and the flight, I got a substantial way into Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Fantastic novel, at least so far - but then, I have a hard time saying anything but good about Robin McKinley. I love that she puts excerpts of her works up on her website.

After picking me up, nekouken and I discussed eating out, but it was already 11 by that point, so instead we went home and he made his very first attempt at homemade spaghetti sauce. It was not cooked down enough to actually qualify as "sauce," but it was bold with a very vibrant flavor. I liked it a lot.

I tried playing Portal last night. I had a problem adapting to the game mechanics, but I think it's because of the rotating stick controller itself. I'm way out of the habit of console gaming, but if I can get past that, the game should be lots of fun.

In my dreams this morning, I invented horrible neighbors who came over to bitch about the noise we were making and then came in to inspect the apartment. It's finally fading, happily - I didn't like those people at all and will be glad when they leave my head.

Been watching fun stuff today - 28 Days Later, MST - and helping clean up the nekouken lair . About to go shopping, and then see a few folks who had long-standing "we should get together when you come back" orders.
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