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Soup Experiments: Obstacles and their removal

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Soup Experiments: Obstacles and their removal

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My kitchen's not well-appointed - I'm single and kitchen-gadget-oriented, but I haven't been living alone long enough to collect all the accoutrements for my ownself. Until I moved in here, I never had a whole kitchen to fill - well, ok, there was that one time, but that apartment was less a home and more a waystation and storage space.

Anyway, I had made sure I had what I needed for the basics back when I moved in, and have been getting other things - the stuff I want to have the kitchen truly tricked out the way I want it, both gadgets and plainer but less-than-essential amenities - at a slow pace, here and there as I need them or see them on sale. Once I decided I wanted to start cooking soups frequently, though, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to step up the pace to prepare for it.

I had only one pot. All the rest were left with nekouken. It's a fine pot, a bright, pretty red, but in conjunction with my single status and my lack of storage dishes, I was pretty much stuck with the method of "cook it, keep it in the pot, and eat it 'til it's gone." I get really tired of just about anything after the third day, and it kinda misses the "saving some for later to change up lunches and dinners" aspect of bulk cooking.

I also had several recipes I couldn't try because I didn't have the tools. I'd be reading along, thinking, "Oh, yummy!" and then I'd get to the part where it said, "Pour into food processor and..." and what? Watch the lion's share pour onto the counter and floor after my tiny 1 cup food pulser fills up? That feeling of cookus interruptus isn't a bummer or anything, no sir.

So, the project has been on hold - I did make a few things during the process, but that's something to put in another post - while shopping occurred for several weeks:

--- My red pot has been joined by three shiny silver stock pots, in three different sizes. I was going to stop at one, but then loh spotted a set of two on clearance, and I thought, "Oh yeah, that's happening right here and now." I have lots of pot now!

--- My small and tub-heavy selection of mismatched plasticrockery is now being crowded by an array of clean new containers in several shapes and sizes. The actual bowls are ok, but lid storage is a problem at the moment, in spite of my theft of loh's clever idea. I figure soon enough I will have some stuff stored in the fridge and more in the freezer and the population swelling will be iced back down.

--- My tiny food processor has been joined by a stick blender. loh swears by hers, especially for soups (it's not really surprising that I'm suddenly talking about her a lot - it's a foodie post, and she is kitchen-whiz) and I bought myself a cheapity cheap one at Walgreens. If that doesn't work, I'll toss it in the Goodwill/freecycle pile and go a little more upscale - either with a better stick or by finally replacing my real-deal full-sized processor.

--- I bought some strainers. I also ran out of goofy commentary.

It took a while to unwrap, wash and store everything while working around my day job, my other life-and-the-living-of-it stuff, and an unmotivated fortnight or so. Yesterday everything was finally go, but my soup exploration of tonight will have to wait for posting another day, to be accompanied by "Red Potato Soup Revisited" and "Chili does not Qualify as Experimental, 1 and 2."

In conclusion, SOOOOOOUP!
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