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pancakevolution with a fella

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pancakevolution with a fella

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Good night tonight. Not really productive, but that's not the goal on Thursday nights, and even with being away from home I still got a few things done. Trying to keep the forward momentum going, and flowthrough in my take it easy day is a help.

Also made pancakes for dinner. They came out well, aside from one small oops involving the side of the skillet; I think that I've - maybe, finally - picked up the knack of making flapjacks. Took long enough.

These came from a cheapy mix. Next step in pancake evolution is to make them from scratch. If I can do that consistently, next I would start experimenting with non-wheat flours to see if anything cooks up remotely edible.

Fella had me watch several movies made with a videogame movie making engine. This was one.
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