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tired and OW

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tired and OW

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Last night was crazy productive, all night long. If I had a month of nights like that, life would look pretty damned good. Heck, a week would be amazing.

Unfortunately, it was also kind of a late night, with strange broken dreams in the morning again. Today's gonna be pretty rough, most likely, which probably shoots the motivation mojo in the foot. Thinkin' I'll be hitting the caffeine.

Edit: going out to the car just after posting, I tripped and fell - hard. The main effects of this are the hole that it ripped in my pants and the quarter-sized place on my knee that became abruptly naked of epidermis. The periphery of the day was about bandages and about handling the pain. For the latter, I chose the "be a huge sissy" method. It works for me.

Funny thing: I did this in front of a guy in a truck - before I went down, in fact, I was running to my car in order to clear his path. Falling that way is always such a shock to the system; it's been probably four years since I have fallen so, but I remember that last time clearly, and it felt exactly the same as today - like my spirit and body were halfway separated by the jolt. With this guy pulling up and rolling down his window and asking if I was ok, though, there was a new element: some part of my head that apparently thinks about appearances (and is mercifully silent most of the time) was telling me that I should be embarrassed. I wasn't, I didn't feel anything but stunned, but I came back to that little thought several times, as if I was wondering why I wasn't turning that moment over and over in my head and writhing in some kind of I-should-have-stayed-upright shame. It's like I feel like I should be saying, "No damage, except to my pride," but it's not true because my pride's intact and my knee isn't. Weird, and meta; fairly typical of my innermost, actually.

I didn't really suffer from my short sleep, perhaps because of the pain (especially when I cleaned it with rubbing alchohol - YEOUCH!), and I did get to make a shiny new spreadsheet at work. I also saw where the fella works for the first time. It was a day with definite interestingness. :)
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